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Our journey from just the wish to serve hygienic street food to the actual gulp of those bursting flavours in the mouth started in 2018, in the city of Kolkata, the city of connoisseurs of street foods. The very culture of savoring street food like Puchka from an outlet has not yet much set its foot in Kolkata, as we took the initiative to bring it forth. Our eagerness and quest to serve street food from all over the world hygienically led to the birth of this brand PUCHKAMAN.

Puchkaman is a unit of Puchkaman Foods Pvt. Ltd. We have aimed for QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) chain brand promoting various hawker style street food in organized market place and the cherry on the top was our Fusion with around the world food.

Indian streets had always been and would be a food lover’s paradise, but monitoring of those unorganized food Industry is obviously impossible. And exactly there lies our intention to provide you with an option to have both. The taste and the hygiene, through PUCHKAMAN. We have trained workers and high-end stores to provide the best street food in the country.

Being food lovers ourselves, our quest is not only to bring forth a Brand, but to bring forth a SUPERHERO, who is the savior- providing safe, hygienic and above all mouth-watering scrumptious street food.We work with the vision of establishing a nationwide QSR chain which would deliver hygienic street food . This is even an initiative to promote healthy eating and Awareness on food safety.

Puchkaman serves the oldest street food of India that is Puchka (or Pani Puri or Golgappa or Phulki or Pani Ke Batashe) which is present in every city of India but with different name and style. Thus, connects the people of the country with a single street food.

Puchkaman already served more than 200,000 plates of Puchkas along with other street foods.

Along with the traditional Puchkas puchkaman comes with an innovative variation of Fusion Puchkas – both veg and non-veg in the City of Joy. It is the now the only brand in India that serves Indian street foods as well as Around the World Street Foods under one store. People can easily get their regional and global street foods at any of the Puchkaman Outlets.

Today, we hold hands with safety, hygiene and taste, cracking the Puchkas, we are ready to catalyze the ever-active street food hungry minds of the nation, and we look forward for making it even better and bigger day by day.